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September 11, 2006 by Amitty
So, Final Fantasy XIII has been on the lips of everyone around the old geek watering hole. From the semi-suprised showing at E3 to the videogame mags continuing coverage, it is fast becoming a ultra best seller...while still being over a year away.

With Final Fantasy XII, S-E long awaited continuation of the series finally hitting the shelves in October, it seems to me that the idea of XIII might not be a great idea off the bat. Actually, it seems like they are getting ready to make up for a ...
August 29, 2006 by Amitty
The Xbox 360 will be celebrating a anniversary the day that Sony finally launches it's Playstation 3. In the year that Microsoft has had against last generations giant, has it gotten far enough ahead in the numbers that Sony will have to make some amazing sales numbers?
Probably not.

If you watch the gaming market as much as me, having worked in it for some time, you will noticed that Microsoft's second time out has been bad on a number of fronts.

Aside from a estimated 36% returned/def...
August 29, 2006 by Amitty
If you play WoW, and I know at least some of you do, you might have been a little thrown off with announcment that Player Vs Player will be redefined when the expansion comes out.

What exactly does that mean?
Over the last few patches, there have been drastic changes in the PvP battlegrounds system. Everything from nerfing certain class equipment to introducing cross server battlegounds. PvP has always remained a focus for Blizzard, which has made a small fortune off World of Warcraft. It ha...
January 23, 2006 by Amitty
THe 360 made it's debute to a lot of groaning and complaining, not to mention underwhelming numbers of units that weren't sent out.
Within it's first week, people started coming out of the woodwork with a list of issues, and the media went nuts.
" My system scratches discs."
" My system melted discs."
" The machine is too loud."
" THe games glitch up."
" My baby needed to be fed to the system so that it would run properly."

Umm, yes. Since the day I got mine, on launch day, nothing has ...
January 23, 2006 by Amitty
So, I have returned to the World of Warcraft.

It is not like I didn't try to find a alternative to this game. I even went back to Final Fantasy XI, partially because I found that most of my old friends from that game were there, and partially to try it on the 360.

1. Final Fantasy XI and the Now:
Let's be honest. As soon as I logged on, I knew that the game was still in trouble. Regardless of the bits and pieces of information on the upcoming expansion pack, going back was...drain...
December 8, 2005 by Amitty
I just logged into my Livejournal account for the first time since April 27th. I had nothing really new to say but decided to read all the entries for friends to see what I missed.

Wow, I missed a lot.
Too much to make me comfortable. I have noticed that as I spend my time trying to be a better techie and gamer, working multiple jobs which now includes writing game reviews, that somewhere in the middle I sort of gave up on a life I was quite happy with. Slowly, and seriously under my own rad...
November 28, 2005 by Amitty
How do you tell someone that you love that it is over?
Do they get suspicious if you stop paying attention to them, even neglecting them?

Well, I think WoW knows that I am done.

It is more complicated than that, and in this case, it really is "It's not you it's me".
While we had some fun, some laughs, sometimes we cried.
You helped me through some stuff, and that time we spent is precious. I'm not sure I will be able to ever repay you for all the time we spent together.

But I've ch...
November 27, 2005 by Amitty
Yes, you have read it all before. I understand that there are some people out there that are getting sick of the subject of the 360 'scandal' that is going on. No more so than I, where I work in a gaming store that has recieved not only angry people calling about their pre-orders, or asking whne more will come in.

First question, did Microsoft intentionally pull a Sony with it's new console? Talking to a couple of old school guys that I used to work with suggests that no, they didn't pull a m...
November 6, 2005 by Amitty
The real reason I am buying a Xbox 360 has been delayed.

While the release date for Elder Scrolls IV has been up in the air recently, I have been told that the new release date will be sometime in Dec. December! I pre-ordered the game and was whole-heartidly waiting for it to come around to launch day so I can call in sick and play the crap out of it. Now....I have to wait.

Is it me, or has a lot of software titles started missing release dates? A co-worker of mine has expectantly been w...
November 3, 2005 by Amitty
I got off my shift yesterday with only one thing on my mind: playing some World of Warcraft.

It is my hobby. Some people may scoff at that, considering that I deal with computers and games every day of my life. If that is the case, how could I go home and sit in front of the computer and play for five or six hours? Easy. It is an addiction, pure and simple. I have logged in more hours than I care to count, fully enjoying the new patches and discovering the fun of playing different classes. U...
November 1, 2005 by Amitty
So, everyone who plays World of Warcraft held their breaths when Blizzard announced that they would be showing the new expansion for the wildly popular MMORPG. Instead of displaying it somewhere the consumer could get their hands on it, they showed it at their convention event, Blizzcon.
Friday, Oct 29th, the people at the event got to play hands on the lower grinding areas of the newest race to enter the frey, the Blood Elves.

Interestingly enough, a lot of people got a advanced look at w...
October 23, 2005 by Amitty
So, Grand Thieft Auto: San Andreas, has hit stores again.

Hundreds of thousands of copies of Rockstar's massive game were recalled due to a unlocking of a scene with the help of the Action Replay code device for the Xbox. Called the 'Hot Coffee' mod, when unlocking the code, you can watch a adult scene with your character and his girlfriend. Ironically enough, Rockstar claimed that they didn't really know it was in there, but with remarkably little pressure, they decided to recall and rewrit...
October 19, 2005 by Amitty
So, I was lounging around with my roomate the other night and we got to talking about the Xbox 360.

I truely thought about this for a long time. I am a fanboy, yes, for Sony. But, I weighted the pros and cons about getting a 360 or waiting for the PS3.

First things first, there is take that the PS3 won't be released until 2007. Wow. I mean, I understand that the quality of this next system has to be perfect for coming out of the gate, but that is a lot of time to give the competition. Whil...
October 19, 2005 by Amitty
So, I just read the incredible article by greywar about the letter the Seattle police received from Jack Thompson, everyone's favorite retarded Lawyer that opposes videogame violence.

For sakes, this is getting out of control. I really wonder if Thompson has all his facilities to be continuing on like this. I finally got around to writing him a e-mail on what I had to say, and hope that this man who is famous at firing at his critics might fire at me. I don't hold out much hope of that, but ...
October 19, 2005 by Amitty
So, it appears that the rumors are true. My roomate tells me that imdb 'www.imdb.com has updated the list of actors for the upcoming Spiderman III.

First off, I have to complain that introducing the Sandman as a villian is a little weak. I was never a fan of the Sandman, and wondering why the Spiderman franchise would include him. I was hoping for the Dr. Connor/Lizard story arc, but begars can't be choosers I suppose.

The shocking thing that imdb had released was the name of the actor t...