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One hell of a Game
Published on August 19, 2004 By Amitty In Console Games
I am feeling very retro RPG this month and picked up a bunch of classic RPGs from my local EB. One of the titles was : Final Fantasy: Chronicles.

I checked the back, murkily remembering that I had passed up the game a while ago, having both Final Fantasy II (IV) and Chrono Trigger for the SNES console. I still have the games, but can't find the SNES. So, I paid the $19.99 for the two disc set and took it home with a host of other RPGs.

First, the classic Chrono Trigger: On the SNES , it was a better game. This game had so much to offer that it was a joy to slog through the same things to get one of 12 endings. The Plus Game save made it easier, but why not play throught it? There were some amazing characters, the epic storyline, and a Frog Warrior. Damn, it had it all. And, for the SNES, the graphics were top notch, using the then new Mode 7 graphic enhancement.

I myself only found three endings, but that was part of trying. I truly enjoyed the game for what it was, and is number three on my all-time favorite game list. Unfortunately, the PSX version jsut seems to be missing things. I can't place a finger on it, but I'm not crazy. I couldn't get very into it when I put it in, deciding to play through FF V for the very first time.

Also in my collection is Crono Cross for the PSX. Now, a lot of Chrono Trigger fans didn't give this game a chance also. At first, I was the same way. But, as the story line starts to unfold, it is, like the first one, beautiful and amazing. By the time you get the surprise at the end of disc one, you have to be hooked. This game had a more spanning story, dealing with paralle universes instead of differnet time periods, and has a larger cast ( If you collect them all). Truly, if you own a PSX or PS2, it is worth the Greatest Hits price to try it.

Now, the third installment. In 2000, Square ( Now Square Enix), copywrited a title in both Japan and in the US " Crono Break". Immediately, fans went crazy. The series had quite a few followers and a third one was expected. Rumors flew as to the content, then in 2004, S-E dropped the Copywrite for Crono Break in the US, but kept it in Japan. Does this mean that the project is dead? S-E has made it clear that they are committed to releasing major game franchises simultaniously in Japan and US after the unmittigated hit of Final Fantasy XI. With a large fan base, why not Crono Break?

The North American market for games is much, much smaller than the market in Japan. Some RPGs that were considered great never made it to the NA market until later, or not at all. Take the Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest titles. In Japan, on the day of the DQ titles, schools close. Gaming is just a more cultural thing for them. Later, NA players must rely on either re-releases like the Final Fantasy games from S-E, or imported games to play on modded chips, or ROMS that are translated for and by hardcore fans.

Will we see this game? Will it see the light of day? I'l try and keep you fans informed.

on Apr 22, 2008
This post is very old but what the heck, I'll bite. Chrono Trigger is one of those games that deserves a lot of attention. That action rpg waisted many of my weekday afternoons long ago. Sigh so so many. The double and triple combos were cool...Frog, Crono and Magus were the cheapest trio since 3 Cables in Marvel vs. Capcom 2...but I digress.

I didn't like Crono Cross for a few simple reasons. Feral (the cat guy) killed Luca and The last boss was easilly beaten based of musical note...irrc..

Anyways its 2008 now and I have not heard of a Crono Cross 3. I am definately goinging to look into it though.