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the taking away of PvP
Published on August 29, 2006 By Amitty In WoW
If you play WoW, and I know at least some of you do, you might have been a little thrown off with announcment that Player Vs Player will be redefined when the expansion comes out.

What exactly does that mean?
Over the last few patches, there have been drastic changes in the PvP battlegrounds system. Everything from nerfing certain class equipment to introducing cross server battlegounds. PvP has always remained a focus for Blizzard, which has made a small fortune off World of Warcraft. It has always maintained that WoW is a world of conflict, Horde vs Alliance vs Burning Legion.

So, why the change?
The first thing that has happened was in the last introduced patch. Cross Server Battlegrounds has been finally surfaced. Originally intended for the Burning Crusade expansion, Blizzard thought it would be prudent to release it right before the announcement that rankings in PvP will be eliminated.
Blizzard admits that it had gotten the PvP system wrong.
Along with the cross implimentation of the BGs, they have reduced the decay of honor points. Thus, if you gain rank, you will keep it longer with no PvPing. But why if Blizzard is taking a radical about face on something it has stood strongly by since the inception of the game.

Battlegrounds provides players the opportunity to succeed where players that are in raiding guilds have their leg up. Not every player has the time, character, knowledge, or inclination to join a raid guild, most of which drive their players to grind and complete new content as soon as possible.
Battlegrounds also provides players a chance to get epics and other rewards that would otherwise be lost on them unless bought from the AH or after hundreds of PuG attempts at MC.

I hope that Blizzard has another plan in place for these wayward and lonely players. What was the effort to get to rank 14 worth if the system is being eliminated? Why the sudden cross server attention after the annoncement?

I suppose Oct 11th will allow us some answers.

on Dec 01, 2006
If WOW were to get PVP really right (i.e., it actually MATTERED for the entire Alliance/Horde) it would have to start with a name change- "Battleground Azeroth: Total War".

"Ironforge has been captured by the Horde!"