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Published on March 11, 2005 By Amitty In WoW
Well, it has been almost two weeks sice I updated..being a corporate whore in a large company doesn't do much for life except make it a huge thing revolving around work.

But, on the plus side, I know get to post my thoughts about WoW.

First off, I spent a entire weekend playing it with very little sleep. I have to say that the one thing that has entertained me a lot is the soloability at the early lvls. I myself play on Kal Jadein (?) and have had a great time. Anyone wanting tgo send guild invites and such feel free..the character's name is Parm.

I have soloed to lvl 17, and had a great time. the priest that I am playing is cool, and I've jsut started exploring the world outside the area of trisfal and silverpine. Good stuff. The fact that forced grouping is not required makes this kid a happy one. While soloing will eventually get hard, I'm sure that by that time I will be comfortable enough to join people. For some reason, for which I can't fathom, people don't seem to be as supportive. Could jsut be me.

Second I have to praise the craft system. Retarded monkeys can craft in WoW, and more power to them. It is jsut a great system, excellent that Blizzard put thought into it. While I have yet to see the mid-to-high lvl content, I'm sure it will be as impressive.

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