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Published on July 3, 2005 By Amitty In WoW
So, on the server of Dragonmaw, I have hit 56 with my NE priest. Reflecting back on some of the gaming highlights and lows of playing, I thought I would mention a few.

I love that this game allows people to level cap, but some of the people playing shouldn't be that high. I have gotten into some parties where there is just no way for our party to survive, because for some, this is the first MMORPG they have played. With so many casual gamers, it makes it hard to get into a good group that will take you to that cap. To be honest, I have soloed most of my lvls, jsut because it is hard to find a decent group. Maybe I am a little bit of a snob, but after playing most of the MMo's out there, I have learned a lot. I totally know I expect too much from certain people, like knowing how to play their class. My roomate and I have both partied with a Paladin that never fights.
I partied with a tanking mage.
Groups that get you into fights that a priest can't save them from and then place blame.
These are some of my issues.

As far as the game, with the inclusion of Battlegrounds, the game base itself is getting better and better. With tons of new content coming, and now a offical word of a expansion, WoW continues to be my addiction of choice.

on Jul 04, 2005
Wait so mages aren't supposed to tank?
iTZKooPA respecs
on Jul 04, 2005
grrr! me hate ppl like you lol! j/k
on Jul 04, 2005
Amitty I know. When I use't to play Anarchy Online I came across some groups which were so great because they were stable and efficent. We pulled, I think as I use't to say, a creature or several, the Tanks, (me) would get busted up, NanoTech Healers would heal us, buff entire team before, etc NanoTech Mages would do nukes and shit.

It was great. I play WoW to Amitty but damnit, I can't login. Ive never wanted to Group in WoW because when I did the afew times their was no cohension. One was in... umm what is west of Alliances Elven Forest, the area with barren and bridge with spiders, guy their than we all were around Forest, I was trying to understand the lackige, etc.

Make a Guild or join one you feel is experinced. Guild's should test people but make sure you test them and probably best indirectly. Make passive suggestions, etc.