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Published on September 16, 2005 By Amitty In WoW
So, I left my lvl 60 Priest to fend for her own a couple of weeks ago and started a rogue on a different server. First off, because the constraints of work would prevent me from raiding with my guild in MC and BWL, I couldn't make it for these raids, and I am at that point where raiding for equipment becomes more and more important.

I joined the Dark Iron server for two reasons: one, my roomate whined at me to join so he would have a friend that he knew online for that server, which is fair, since I started my priest on Dragonmaw because he was on there. The second was pure curiosity at the fact that two online webcomics decided to take out their rivalry on a PvP server. I have been a long time fan of Penny Arcade, which plays the Alliance on that server, and the horde faction being zoned by PvPOnline. I joined one of the PA support guilds, Cardbaord Samauri, and started my life as a rogue. It is amazing what happened when I joined the Penny Arcade channel and watched the chat.

It gives you a good idea the power that these two webcomics have. The fact that in record time, the PA guildes were filled to the brim, and support guilds started. I honestly don't know about the Horde side, but the Alliance side is crazy.

The first thing I noticed was, now since I have played a few characters into the 20s and a couple higher, the lvling, especially as a rogue, is easy. I realized that with the fun and ease that is the rogue class. I realize that a lot of people chose rogue at the beginning, and that there were way too many. Now, with a lot of PvP out, rogue is the ultimate choice, next to shamans and hunters. Most fortunate, I hit lvl 29 at the day of patch 1.7.

The new Battlegrounds is amazing. It is easy to handle, and unlike WSG and Alterac Valley, Arathi Basin requires the people to work as a team, even if the Alliance haven't really grasped the concept of that yet. In the few matches I played before going back to Dragonmaw to play with my guild, it seems that the Alliance can't handle standing around. One player I talked to felt that by staying by a resource, they were missing Contribution Points from not being around kills. But, what they don't understand is that getting a win in the BG means lots of bonus honor.

I have not yet gotten a chance to play the new instance, but from all accounts, it is hard. People with MC gear seem to be able to handle it well, but for others, the way through takes a long time. Personally, once I get some time off, I plan on getting some nice priest gear from that instance.

So, going from Priest to Rogue is a huge change, and enjoyable. I was starting to feel like the end game was going to be horrible, but with a up and coming PvP only character, I think I'll be able to live with the grind.

on Sep 19, 2005
Try going the other way, rogue -> priest, its mind-numbing...