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Published on November 28, 2005 By Amitty In WoW
How do you tell someone that you love that it is over?
Do they get suspicious if you stop paying attention to them, even neglecting them?

Well, I think WoW knows that I am done.

It is more complicated than that, and in this case, it really is "It's not you it's me".
While we had some fun, some laughs, sometimes we cried.
You helped me through some stuff, and that time we spent is precious. I'm not sure I will be able to ever repay you for all the time we spent together.

But I've changed.
I've grown as a person, and sometimes two people in such a intimate circumstance don't grow at the same rate. I know there are new things on the horizon for you, and I'm happy, but I can't wait around while it happens. There is so much out there to explore.

Goodbye World of Warcraft. Maybe, someday, we will run into each other and the spark will bring us back together..but for now, let's just be adult and say goodbye.

on Nov 28, 2005
Welcome to the club.
on Nov 29, 2005
I just forced the break up between Wow and my son.

She is a cheating ho isn't she? Making everyone think they are special and doing so well.

All the while suckering in new lovers.


Good riddance to bad rubbish!
on Nov 29, 2005
Ya, quit my rogue and dr00d bout 2 weeks ago.

I just forced the break up between Wow and my son.

Awwww, there is no need for that. He is going to have severe psychological repurcussions from that. Your son is special, you crazy witch of a mother. Do you wish your son to join the rank and file of everyday boredom and septicity of life. If your son was playing over 15 hours a day I can see a problem, but anymore than that I have seen without too much of an effect.

I just got bored with WoW
on Nov 29, 2005
There's more to life than WoW
on Nov 29, 2005
...I never said there wasnt.
on Nov 30, 2005
If you don't mind me asking, why did you quit? Bored?

Just curious, because I plan on starting. The only MMORPG experience I have is COH, which I quit around this time last year.
on Nov 30, 2005
I am still forced to play because I got so many friends to play (2 of which are really addicted), my boss and my girlfriend. If it wasn't for them (and for being in one of the best guilds on the server) I would have definitley quit.
on Nov 30, 2005
He is going to have severe psychological repurcussions from that.

Yeah he's TEN and it was his first hoe bag experience.
on Nov 30, 2005
you crazy witch of a mother

Thank you that means so much coming from you!
on Nov 30, 2005
I quit because life had a way of making me quit. For those that read about it, my friends had a intervention to stop me playing WoW. I don't think that it is a total split, but I haven't played in the last little while, about 16 days, where I would forego sleep to lvl or do arathi basin.

I might go back, but with the Christmas season, work being evil, and the Xbox 360 ( I love mine), there are other things that have dragged me away. While I keep my account going so my significant other can play characters, for now, I am content to stop until the expansion. Maybe not even then, though. WoW has become stangnant for me, with a few 60s and doing the quests and such over and over again gets boring. Not enough content for myself.

Plus, they keep improving Paladins....*shudder*
on Nov 30, 2005
I was wondering if anyone has tried FF11? I've been looking at since I've tried all the other major mmo games out there. problem is that I can't find a demo or trial or anything to try the game out. My biggest concern is with soloing, I've heard some say it's too hard others say it's fine.
on Dec 01, 2005
Final Fantasy XI is a good game..for 12 lvls....the whole thing is party based, and unless you are a white mage, bard, or another much needed class, you will spend a lot of time lookng for parties to lvl and quest with. The soloing aspect is possible, with beasttamers, but that is about it.
on Dec 02, 2005
I actually bought FFXI not realising that it was an online game with fees payable. Recognising that I have an addicitve personality and I would get hooked into paying monthly charges I've never used it and it sits on my shelf staring at me accusingly! At least with the BF2 and the mud I play on they are free (aside from my internet access of course).